The Explorer - part 1

The man dragged his victim around the corner and then vanished into the shadows of the night. He ran as fast as he could while trying to get his phone out of his pocket. Once he had, he began to disassemble it but didn't make it too far before he heard the sirens. Then the light from a flashlight in the hand of a policeofficer that hurt in his eye. He stopped abruptly and had two seconds to decide whether or not to make an attempt at escaping. With his heart pounding hard in his chest he made up his mind to run, but one bang and a lot of pain later he was on the ground. Before everything went black he...
Someone coughed loudly and I got so startled that I winced. I looked up to see a boy, perhaps a few years younger than myself, looking at me with his arms crossed over his chest. I closed the book I was reading, making sure I didn't lose my place.
"Yes?" I asked with a hint of irritation in my voice. He kept looking at me and I raised my right eyebrow in confusion. "Can I help you?" He would be deaf to not hear my irritation. People just didn't have any manners these days. He stretched his hand out for me and I took it. He gave it a light shake before he drew it back, turned his feet away from me and started walking away.
"Hey!" I called after him but he didn't look back. I gave a loud sigh and turned to retrieve my backpack that I had put on the ground just by the bench I sat on.
But it wasn't there.

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