Aha aha I like it, aha aha

Har suttit och gillat massa grejjer på facebook, tänkte dela några roliga "likes" här också x]

Några handlade om golvet...

"I didn't fall... the floor just needed a hug!"

"Did you just fall?" "No, I attacked the floor..." "Backwards" "Yeah, because I'm just that freaking awesome!"

I didn't trip and fall... I was testing gravity... It still works!"

... och några om Google

"I asked you so many questions, yet you never got fed up. I love you Google."

"Dear Yahoo, I've never heard someone say "I dont know, lets Yahoo it?" , Sincerely Google"

Och många random!

You: "Sticks and stones can brake my bones, but words can't hurt me" Me: *Throws dictionary at you*

"Wanna know something funny?" "Hang on, let me get a mirror..."

"I hate you, then I love you. Then I wanna throw you off a cliff and rush to the bottom and catch you"

"I Can Do It Perfectly, Until I Try Showing Someone. Then I Can't Do It."

"djajipeieywbhdlabdajbcflakfjlaurihyreqe... EEEH MACARENA" (jag menar, VEM kan hela den sången? xD)

"I stay up late every night, and realise its a bad idea every morning."

"I'm a Ninja!" "No your not" "Did you see what I just did?" "What?" "Exactly!"

Sådär! ;)

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